New cutting-edge of data files of pre-war several months 1939-1941 are demonstrated of the partially preserved files regarding 59 fonds

New cutting-edge of data files of pre-war several months 1939-1941 are demonstrated of the partially preserved files regarding 59 fonds

New cutting-edge of data files of pre-war several months 1939-1941 are demonstrated of the partially preserved files regarding 59 fonds

Amount of holdings: step one,736 fonds (149 fonds of your Shine months and you can step one,578 fonds of Soviet several months), 236,605 activities (45,523 pieces of the fresh Shine several months 1919-1939, and you will 191,082 bits of the latest episodes 1939-1941, 1944-1995), 2,172 linear metres

Territory: The latest data files towards history of the fresh new West Belarus of your Polish months security the new area off Braslav,Vileika, Vilno-Troki, Volozhin, Disna, Dunilovichi, Molodechno, Oshmyany, Postavy and you will Sventsyany povets regarding Vilno province of Poland. This new files towards the reputation of the fresh Soviet Western Belarus protection the latest region of the former Molodechno region, as well as have Vileika, Volozhin, Molodechno and you may Myadel districts away from Minsk part.

An element of the selection of ideas of one’s Soviet period is made from the records away from local regulators and you may management by data files away from county and people’s handle regulators

Short-term holdings breakdown: More fascinating fonds are those out-of Vilno voevoda’s government and you can Vilno okrug homes management, off povet starostvs, povet home administrations, povet commandant’s practices off county cops, povet committees to the residential property allotment and you will okrug electoral profits towards the elections in order to Seim and you will Senat. The data as well as support the lists off buyers and you will people who own new house, khutor peasants, peasants versus belongings and people that have they insufficiently although some. Others fonds of your own Polish period incorporate details about agriculture, business, studies, entrance out-of international investment, financial policy, the state of workers and peasants, economic, governmental and you will moral state of your own povets, closure regarding Belarusian schools, items of one’s Polish political functions and you may personal groups, the newest Communist party of Poland and you may Western Belarus, Younger Communist Category (Komsomol) regarding Western Belarus, Belarusian Workers’ and Peasants’ Gramada, Relationship from Belarusian colleges, elections on the Seim and you will Senat, etcetera.

Brand new fonds of your own okrug payment into the election to help you Seim and you may Senat of Poland keep the lists off voters, which can be made use of when performing consular and you will genealogical concerns. Brand new documents into the reputation of Western Belarus regarding the Soviet months safety the latest region of the former Molodechno area and now have Vileika, Volozhin, Molodechno and you may Myadel areas out-of Minsk area.

Notice shall be paid down into data regarding people’s courts, prosecutor workplaces,repairs from public purchase authorities, departments of Molodechno area manager panel, civil and you will areas government committees, Molodechno region and you will areas agencies from statistics, Panel out-of directors off broadcasting community. The new data incorporate information about nationalization and you may confiscation from private enterprises and you will structures of better-to-create population of the West Belarus immediately following signing up for this new Soviet Belarus; preparing, carrying out in addition to outcome of elections on the large and regional government and you can people’s courts, observation of Socialist rules and you can fix off public order, growth of some other twigs away from national cost savings, collectivization in the West Belarus, Nazi destroy, criminality and you can avoidance out of crimes, etc. Brand new data files of one’s Soviet of Man’s Deputies away from Molodechno area, the professional panel, civil and you can section Soviets and you can exec committees, Molodechno region prosecutor workplace include details about some one subjected to repression during the time 1939-1940 (kulaks and you may exiled people), reputation of area roadways during the Vileika, Volozhin, Molodechno etcetera.

From the fonds of povet starostvs there are other than cuatro,000 items of cartographical records, and therefore present programs and you can plans out-of boroughs, towns, county and private properties, chapel countries, agreements out-of house reclamation measures and you may house classification, charts regarding povets, locations etcetera

This new data from registered councils toward religion plus the circumstances of Russian Orthodox Church [Upolnomochenny sovet po delam religii and you can russkoy pravoslavnoy tserkvi] have guidance about the matter and you can condition out of places of worship, cathedrals or other property regarding praise, the amount of joined religious communities, quantitative and you may qualitative structure regarding believers,control of the brand new performance of spiritual ceremonies by the county governmental regulators. More fascinating included in this could be the records of Vileika region prosecutor’s work environment about criminal times on espionage, higher treason,ruin, counter-revulutionary facts, unlawful crossing of the county border.